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      Sandwich story


      Our story is derived from a long time ago and wrote a step in history.




          Number 1 franchise in the US! Subway is based on the number of stores and distribution area, Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Division No. 1 franchise.

          • Countries Worldwide
          • Brand Value as the World's No. 1
          • Franchise Stability verified with 38,000 stores worldwide
          • Global brand management and support - new product development, brand value enhancement, standard management



          We care about food. Where it comes from and how it nourishes us is just as important as how it tastes.

          • Subway is committed to producing the highest quality, safest and most delicious sandwiches and meals anywhere in the world. Developing and maintaining a robust food safety program is how we strive to ensure the safety of every meal, every day, in every market.

            Our farms and growers must follow Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), while all other food manufacturers must adhere to the strict food safety and quality expectations outlined in our auditing standards.

            This ensures that only the best products can enter Subway restaurants in all global markets. Subway also has comprehensive internal programs and procedures for managing food safety in its restaurants. Franchisees and Sandwich Artists TM are trained to administer these programs and all restaurants are regularly inspected.
          • Providing a balanced menu through the supply of healthy ingredients
          • Nutritious food that can be safely eaten even by children
          • Provide reliable nutritional information

          Respecting Our Planet

          Made fresh

          We’ve only got one planet, and we’re determined to take better care of it. See how we plan to get greener.

          • Subway seeks to transition our entire global supply chain to egg procurement practices with improved animal welfare outcomes and we will accomplish that goal for our North America and Latin America restaurants by 2025, with 100% cage free eggs.

            In the US and in line with World Health Organization guidance, our sandwiches, wraps, and salads are served only with chicken raised without antibiotics important to human health. And by 2026, source only chicken breeds that are approved by Global Animal Partnership (GAP) as having higher welfare outcomes.

            We have completely phased out of gestation crates in our European supply chain, and we are actively engaging with our US suppliers to evaluate sow housing approaches that improve welfare while maintaining commercially viable pricing. Subway seeks to transition our entire global dairy supply chain to be free of the supplemental growth hormone, rBST, and this goal has been accomplished in the US.
          • Collaborating with farmers around the world to share best practices in water management technologies
          • We believe that by working directly with farmers, we can help build healthy local businesses and communities around the world.
          • We look for suppliers who share our values and commitment to environmental and social responsibility.
          Made fresh

          Practices and Processes

          Our Communities

          Our neighbors support us, and we do our best to give back when our community needs us most.

          • As of Q1 2020, our US turkey supply chain transitioned to a limited antibiotic use program which aligns our sourcing practices to World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations to restrict the use of antibiotics that are important to human medicine.

            In addition, in line with the WHO, our sandwiches, wraps and salads in the US are served only with chicken raised without antibiotics important to human health. The US supply of pork and beef products from animals raised without antibiotics important to human medicine is limited, and we expect our transition to be completed by 2025.
          • We work in a variety of ways to reflect these values through our employee codes of conduct and restaurant operating manuals.
          • Subway has developed a Global Responsible Use of Antibiotics Policy
          • Furthermore, any meat, dairy, poultry, fish or egg derived from a cloned animal, including subsequent generations, must not be used in Subway menu offerings.
          Our Communities

              Search for better


              We strive every day for a better Subway

              • 01. Our ingredients are strictly controlled

                Fresh vegetables delivered to the store daily are meticulously hand-picked at each store. Vegetables that have undergone a strict cleaning process are prepared according to the quantity sold on the same day, and Subway's goal is to safely provide the freshest and best vegetables at all times.
              • 02. Subway's special bread

                Since 1983, Subway has served freshly baked sandwich breads daily in each store. With the philosophy that fresh sandwiches start with fresh bread, we strive to provide the best sandwich bread every day.
              • 03. Our commitment to the environment

                Subway's salad bowls are made from 95% recycled containers, and we are reducing the use of single-use items in our stores. Subway is constantly striving to become a brand that cares about the environment without missing out on even the smallest details.
              • 04. Our commitment to freshness

                Subway Bread does not contain artificial sugars and strives to provide healthy foods such as fortifying vitamins and calcium and reducing sodium.